Pros, cons of virtual stores

Shopping online is simple, can be done just about anywhere and results in items being delivered to one’s front door step.

One would think that with this convenience shopping online would be more popular than shopping inside a store.

When shopping for clothes, Dennice Morales, junior early childhood studies major at California Baptist University, said she preferred shopping in stores rather than online.

“I can try out the item I am going to purchase rather than getting it online and not having it fit me then sending it back and waiting longer for another size,” Morales said. “That is too much work for me.”

The hassle of not fitting or liking a clothing item then having to deal with the return  process  is  what turns many away from shopping online.

This makes shopping online less convenient, especially if an item is needed within a short time frame.

“I love trying things on and seeing what looks better, and I can’t do that online,” said Carla Rogel, junior liberal studies major.

While trying things on for size is not an option for online shoppers, cheaper prices are, especially when purchasing textbooks.

Morales said buying academic textbooks online is the only time she will not buy something directly from the supplier or store.

While shopping in stores is liked better, selections can be very limited.

Robert Guadiana, a piece worker at Airplus, said he shops online sports memorabilia, but prefers shopping in stores for all of his other purchases.

With many stores offering an online shopping experience, it might surprise people that shopping in stores is found to be more favorable for the instant gratifi-

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