Serving others, one girl changes lives

For many, the weekend is a time to relax and catch up on the things that normally cannot be done during the week due to school. For others, it is about getting involved or spending time with the people they care about.

Yoana Sillvaa, junior biology major, volunteers every weekend at the Mission Viejo Hospital for the Surgical Intensive Care Unit department and at Saddleback Church, all while spending time with her family.

“I am normally pretty busy on weekends as volunteering and church are regular things I do, in addition to anything special or extra I add on,” Sillvaa said. “It’s always fun, though.”

Most of her Saturdays consist of volunteering at the hospital, doing basic work such as filing papers, restocking all the bedrooms with medical and guest supplies and helping distribute food and medicine to nurses and answering calls.

Other times, she is allowed to watch in-bed surgeries and also assist the patients’s families in giving them information or anything to help them relax a little.

“In reality, I am there to help around with anything the nurses or doctors could use help in that I am available to do,” Sillvaa said.

On Sundays, Sillvaa spends mornings at Saddleback Church engaged in toddler ministry by watching children while their parents attend the service. The remainder of the day is spent with her family to break routine a little.

“The most exciting thing we do every weekend is go to church and eat out to a restaurant after,” Sillvaa said. “Then do something random like go to the beach, movies, or hiking.”

Though it can be challenging, Sillvaa does not usually relax during the weekends due to her busy and hectic schedule. During the week, however, she normally finds the time to relax when she is not working.

The weekend is also a time for her to reflect on the week that has passed by.

“I normally reflect on how productive my week was and whether I was able to accomplish the things that needed to be done successfully versus the things that need to get done,” Sillvaa said. “I thankfully reflect on life and the week God gave me to live.”

Making the most of her weekends is Sillvaa’s goal, she said.

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