Students might choose adventure

Some cringe at the idea of living in the dirt, some hate the bugs and others dread the lack of modern day conveniences. Others choose to camp for a living.

Summer camp is filled with kids, messy games, tents or if you’re lucky, cabins and adventures.As children, some of us enjoyed a week or two in these places of camp fun. Now as college students, we choose to return or, for the first time, go to camp for the summer and work.

What drives students to this job?

Cody McKenzie, senior health science major, worked at Kanakuk Kamps, a Christian sports camp.

“I chose this job because I love sports and thought it would be a great opportunity to share my love for Christ while also teaching kids about different sports and activities,” McKenzie said.

McKenzie said he enjoyed his summer, and thinks others should also work there if they love sports and camp.

“Not only do you get to play sports every day, but you get to build God-centered friendships with fellow staff and watch the Holy Spirit work through you,” he said.

McKenzie knew others who worked at camps this summer, as well. “I think many college students choose to work at camps in the summer because of their own personal experiences with camp as a kid,” he said. “Many of them really enjoy camp and hope to help bring that joy to their own campers.”

Mt. Gilead Bible Camp and Conference Center was another place that students worked this summer. Jacob Graff, sophomore mechanical engineering major, worked at Mt. Gilead.

“It is a fun way to earn money over the summer. It’s like being a more mature and responsible kid,” he said.

Alex Alkire, senior communication studies major, worked at Hume Lake, located in the Sequoia National Forest. Alkire revealed that more than nine CBU graduates or current students worked there this summer.

“I think that some other college students pick to work at a summer camp because it truly is one of the only stages of life to where you can go spend a summer somewhere else,” she said.

“I would highly recommend having other students invest in this job,” Alkire continued. “It is by far one of the greatest experiences I have ever had in my entire life and I will never forget the campers I had and the relationships God blessed me with.”

When asked if they would return to work at camp, the responses where positive. Graff said, “Yes, definitely, hopefully!”

McKenzie said, “In a heartbeat. The staff is wonderful, the facilities are great and their sole purpose is allowing God to work through them and bringing kids to Christ.”

Maybe college students are drawn to this summer job because of the fun memories they made as campers, of perhaps to go on a new adventure of their own. What better way to meet friends, grow in your faith and make some money.

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