Summer saving requires work ethic, spending less

Having the urge to take on a summer job can include a variety of motives, including paying for tuition or wanting to save up for luxury items. For whatever purpose one wishes to pursue a summer job, the intentions and results vary among students.

“Over the summer I was a counselor at Pine Christian Camp at Big Bear Lake,” Nicole Smith, junior nursing major, said.  “Ever since summer 2012, I wanted to work at a summer camp, but I had to take summer classes for the nursing program. I mainly took care of 9-year-olds and loved it. It’s the most fun job I ever had.”

She continued by adding, “The money was a big part and I saved a lot. I wanted to help with tuition but the main part was just to make money since I had minimal income last summer. I’m thinking about doing it next summer, unless I get a job at a summer firm.”

Smith said she tries  to put a portion of her earnings  in savings. She also sets aside some of her income for luxury items as well as school supplies.

It is pertinent to focus on financing necessary things while still keeping enough luxury options that would satisfy given needs.

“I got a job this summer because I do need to save up money for college and what I am doing to save money is I put all my money in a savings account,” said Tate Walters, sophomore business administration major.  “Then I take out 10 percent for things as well as another 10 percent for luxury spending.”

Walters said that he also got the job to help him better understand how to keep a good work ethic and to practice good time management, which could be applied to school work  in addition to being pertinent to any future job opportunities.

Being able to save the money from the work done over the summer is highly prevalent between both Smith and Walters.

Both agree that their education had a clear influence on their decisions to take summer jobs and save part of their incomes.

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