University officially welcomed into NCAA

This year is a first for California Baptist University’s athletics; they have officially been accepted into the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

For the past two years, the Lancers have been in a NCAA DII conference in which a majority of all teams were able to compete for a championship title, but were not allowed to further their position in post-season play, according to Micah Parker, director of athletics.

While CBU has been working for the past three years with the rules and regulations of the NCAA to complete the finalization process, thus far there has been no change for athletes concerning their day-to-day routines.

“The big thing is the opportunity our student- athletes now have at competing for national championships,” Parker said.

While this is a positive benefit for the student athletes, it is also one that will benefit the university for years to come.

Parker explained that during the process of transitioning into NCAA, all student-athletes are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA and  strong moral conduct.

Darren Meisel, director of undergraduate admissions, sees great growth for CBU’s enrollment based on these significant changes in the athletic program.

“CBU continues to experience remarkable growth each year, due to a variety of factors,” Meisel said. “One of which is increased exposure through our continued success in athletics. As we experience similar success in the NCAA, I expect that this will provide positive exposure contributing to enrollment growth.”

After years of dedication and efforts, CBU athletics has finally been able to achieve a high goal that will benefit the future of the university and the students.

Matthew Puig, senior biology major and water polo player, explained that he sees this as a positive advantage for CBU to be a part of in the college  athletic and academic world.

“All of the great college sports you see on TV and in the media are mostly part of the NCAA,” Puig said. “This means athletes in high school and transfers will see CBU athletics as a much more serious option than ever before.”

While the university has been preparing for this change for a while, it is something that is going to impact CBU for years, academically and athletically.

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