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Thousands of Americans are bombarded with advertisements for the latest health trend known as the SENSA Weight-Loss System.

According to the SENSA website, SENSA has become the No. 1 selling weight-loss system since its market release in October 2012.

SENSA is a crystal-like powder consisting of maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate, silica and different flavors. These crystals are what help the manipulation of the senses to occur in one’s body.

The SENSA Weight-Loss System is a product that is unconventional to the modern format of dieting, which consists of healthy protocols such as clean eating, exercising and good sleeping habits.

The way SENSA works is when ingested, the crystals send signals that tell the body that is is full and it has had enough.

This is known as “neural-hormonal signaling,” said Dr. Margret Barth, director of nutrition and food sciences in the College of Allied Health.

The Food and Drug Administration released a study on the drug, which claimed it contains ingredients that are generally recognized as safe.

Following this report, a conjunction report was filed by the GE Healthcare 5 10(k) Premarket Notification Submission showing that the product was safe to use.

Some do not agree with the research.

“The only research conducted was by the originator of the sprinkles and has not been validated or reproduced elsewhere,” Barth said. “The diet has been around since 1996 so that this is a significant period of time without an external validation of the results.”

Professors are not the only ones who disagree with the SENSA product.

“Since the product can be replicated by the SENSA company but cannot be replicated by other companies, it seems sketchy,” said Rustan E. Welch, sophomore kinesiology major.

Just like any new drug or diet, it is best to consult with a physician before trying something new that could potentially affect one’s health.

Reading reviews can tell a person if the product actually works and is worth investing in; while learning about the side effects can help prevent unnecessary risk and bodily dammage.

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