Increase in enrollment calls for additional living area

Freshman now have a new place to hang their keys, kick off their shoes and call home, sweet home.

Tower Hall, previously known as the Royal Rose, has been renovated and officially renamed.

“We thought it needed an update,” said Sarah-Ann Chaddick, receptionist at the Residence Life office. “It’s officially a new living area.”

Apartments at Tower Hall will house three people in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom setting with a living area and kitchenette. Up to 160 men and women can live in two, three-story buildings split according to sex, with men in Building B and women in Building C.

Alysa M. Avila, freshman undeclared major, is one newcomer to live in Tower Hall.

“I absolutely love the apartments,” she said. “The dorms are much too small and crowded.”

For freshmen looking to escape the crowded dorm-style setting, Tower Hall apartments provide a little more room to breathe—but with a cost.

Freshmen living in Tower Hall apartments have to do their own cleaning, unlike Smith and Simmons halls or the Cottages, where staff cleans weekly.

“It’s a new experience freshmen get to have,” Chaddick said.

Tower Hall is just the newest of several options for new freshmen to experience college life.

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