Inexpensive cure to kill unwanted germs

Batteries power TV remotes, vehicles and now kill off unwanted germs.

Alyssa Liu, a junior business major from California Baptist University, found an interesting method to kill bacterium and viruses.

โ€œWhen my mom got shingles from being too stressed out my dad made colloidal silver to kill off the bacterium,โ€ Liu said.

The process of making colloidal silver can be done from home with simply a couple of wires, three nine-volt batteries, four alligator clips, two pure silver wires and distilled water. It is after this process that the colloidal silver is effective.

Connect the batteries negative to positive, with two on the bottom and one to top. After this, clamp the alligator clamps, with wires attached, to the remaining free poles on the batteries and the other two clamps to the silver; make sure the silver wires in the water do not touch.

The batteries electrify the silver wires, causing the distilled water to be a murky white or silver color. When the water has clearly changed in appearance, unhook the contraption and drink the liquid until your illness has released its grip on you. Liu reported that this worked for her mother after just a few weeks.

There are countless tutorials available online for this home remedy. So if being sick during the school year is not an option, add colloidal silver.

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