Newcomer’s perspective on becoming part of Lancer community

Family and the church are engrained aspects in my life. I grew up as a pastor’s kid and that comes with expectations to live and act in a certain way—similar to the standards that California Baptist University holds.

Every family has a differing dynamic and each member a unique personality that mold together in a dysfunctional but beautiful unit. I learned from my family that when God is the center, he acts as the eye of a storm, the calm center in the whirling storm of life.

On move-in day, dense clouds and blustery winds filled the sky, yet the Lancer family welcomed me with open arms to a new home. Decorating and bonding with my roommate and adding character to my cottage home added a level of comfort.

Next, I embarked upon the Kugel Walk, an experience similar to a Disneyland parade with celebrity treatment. As I touched the Kugel, sliding my hand across the glossy surface, I partook in a timeless tradition with my fellow freshman—the same walk I will do in 4 years. I commited to being part of a new family, a family that vows to go out and make an impact for the Lord. I became a Lancer.

As freshman orientation continued, the time came to say goodbye, to let go of the comfort I once lived in at home and venture boldly into college. The happy, yet tearful, goodbyes only confirmed how my current family allowed me to become a part of the CBU family.

Officially on our own, the freshmen gathered in the Van Dyne Gymnasium, holding our phones that were flashing colors and lights, synchronized with the rhythm of the music. We then entered into a time of worship, lifting God’s name with our voices.

Singing with our “hands high and heart abandoned,” we plunged forward into this new adventure, with acceptance into our new family.

Clash n’ Bowl brought out excitement and energy in everyone. My friends and I wore cute,  yet clashing, outfits mixing polka dots, florals and stripes together.

The carefree environment allowed me to meet new people. It is an amazing experience to immediately connect with people on a deeper level because of our faith. We danced to the music, bowled and laughed, and it proved to be an unforgettable experience, making me further realize that my Lancer family understands a good time.

I can only describe the Gungor concert in one word — talent. The voices and the instrumental abilities combined for the glory and exaltation of God made this concert one-of-a-kind.

The array of songs and everyone’s involvement fueled the enthusiasm across the gym. The excitement and cheering as the drummer stood up out of his chair and the guitarist’s fingers flew across the strings  was incomparable  to anything I have ever witnessed before.

As everyone chanted, “One more song,” Gungor came back out for an encore, covering the song “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley. Everyone in the room raised his or her voice to sing a resounding hallelujah praising our Lord.

A family learn together, worship together and most of all, love God together; and I am part of  CBU.

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