Pop culture impacted by worldwide YouTube sensations

California Baptist University students are no exception to the global phenomenon that is YouTube.
YouTube plays a particularly major role in the lives of young adults, as its diversity heavily impacts modern pop culture.
“Going to the store is one of my favorites; it’s just so ridiculous,” said Jared Overstreet, sophomore biology major.
The video is a 49 second clip featuring a highly animated dummy on his way around town.
“I also love Catherine Tate’s ‘The Offensive Translator.’ It’s the ultimate accent joke,” Overstreet said.
For many, a large part of the fun of YouTube is creating memories and inside jokes with friends and family members.
“I don’t watch much YouTube myself, but I like to when friends show me,” said Kendall McFarland, sophomore pre-nursing major. “I love Julian Smith, Kid History, and Rhett and Link.”
YouTube viewership is often tailored to individual interests.
“I’m into ‘League of Legends’ so I enjoy the Protatomonster channel because it shows the best plays and a true show of skill in the sense of League of Legends,” said Jimy Delgado, senior marketing major.
For Delgado, faith-based videos are also important.
“Dan Stevers makes great typography videos about our faith. They are very influential in my point of view,” Delgado said.
From the youngest child to the oldest of senior citizens, and everyone in between, there is something to be found for every possible age group surfing  on YouTube.

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