Proposition 8 repealed; same-sex marriage legalized in California

age was legalized in California, overturning Proposition 8 and providing gay couples the chance to be legally recognized as one unit.

Same-sex marriage, domestic partnerships and civil rights have been controversial topics for California, but have become especially prevalent due to a recently passed proposition.

The Supreme Court invalidated Prop. 8 June 26, which stated, “Only a marriage between a man and a woman is recognized in the state of California.”

Overturning the proposition has caused some to question the authoritative men and women in Californian government.

“The legalization of gay marriage in the state of California concerns me,” said Megan Frazer, junior nursing major at California Baptist University. “It is a step backward for our government and is compromising foundational morals.”

Many Californians believe that legalizing gay marriage is an advancement for California’s social, political and religious standards.

Some Californians are left questioning if legalizing gay marriage is constitutional or if it goes against America’s foundation.

“I do not think that legalizing gay marriage in California is the answer to this problem,” Christine Nunnally, junior nursing major, said. “California is a progressive state, and I believe the government feels pressure to modernize state law. Though gay marriage is a common issue, our morals, as a nation, should not be compromised in the process.”

Nunnally said she believes that because gay marriage is legalized in the state of California, it will open the door for other moral and ethical compromises.

“If our government does not have any moral conviction in office, then they will not know when to stop and lead this state astray,” she said. “It becomes hard to know what is black and white when our government, and people in office, only see gray.”

Those who live in California are faced with the reality that gay and lesbian couples can now be joined together under law. Though homosexual marriage may have seemingly no effect on people living outside of California, it already has caused issues throughout the nation.

This topic is continually pressed in the Supreme Court because of the demand for equal rights across the nation. California is now a supporter of equal rights and waits to see who follows its lead.

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