Discounted flight lessons for CBU students



Flight lessons are now available at a discounted price to all California Baptist University students, faculty and staff.

Dr. Daniel Prather, head of the Aviation Department at CBU said, “As a result, and in an effort to make flight training available to the most students possible, we have decided to offer discounted flight training for the CBU family.”

For CBU faculty and students, discounted lessons are offered for ground and air instruction. The lessons are reduced to $40 for on-ground flight instruction and $120 for an hour of flying with an instructor at the Riverside Municipal Airport.

Students begin their lessons with a meeting with their flight instructors to go over the weather, weight, balance, performance charts and the maneuvers that will be performed during that lesson.

After the flight briefing, the students will be sent out to the airplane to do a pre-flight inspection. The inspection involves checking the aircraft, both inside the plane and out

They check the overall structure of the wings, fuselage and tail for damage, as well as check the aircraft oil and fuel levels of the aircraft by physically getting up on the wing and measuring it.

Maria LeBlanc, chief flight instructor for the CBU Aviation Department, works closely with the instructors who teach the students how to fly the planes.

“For the first flight, students will learn the basic fundamentals of flying,” LeBlanc said. “This includes taxiing the airplane, straight and level flight, level turns, climbs, descents and climbing and descending turns.”

At the end of the flight lesson, the student will debrief with the flight instructor to assess the progress of their flying lesson.

Opening the lessons to the CBU community is beneficial because it allows the school to offer reduced prices to students.

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