Panel weighs in on christian leadership

The third installment of California Baptist University’s Leadership Seminar Series was held in the Business Building Oct. 28, where dozens gathered to hear a panel of distinguished guests speak about what it takes to be a strong Christian leader.

Included in the panel were CBU President Dr. Ronald L. Ellis, Riverside County Executive Officer Jay Orr, entrepreneur and business leader Don Nydam and principal of Arlington High School Antonio Garcia. Each spoke and answered questions about their experiences in leadership.

The seminar began with the panelists answering questions about what leadership meant to them.

“Leadership is a combination of character and strategy,” Garcia said. “If you have to be without one, be without strategy.”

Ellis responded to the same question by saying, “(Leadership) is a process of influence when a person works to attain the aid and support of others to accomplish a certain task.”

Throughout the seminar, the panelists shared their experiences being in leadership positions and spoke about how they managed to balance their careers along with their home life.

“One of the things I do is turn off the switch,” Garcia said of leadership. “I am not the principal in our home and that has been the best way for me to deal with leadership.”

The integration of faith in the workplace was especially emphasized.

Orr said being a leader is not always easy and there are times when he feels defeated and there are also times when he fails.

“If it’s worth doing, it’s always worth failing,” he said.

The seminar left the audience with a glimpse of how leaders are used to bring positivity and change to their surroundings.

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