Say ‘bye’ to weak nail beds

By Lauren Fox


Dry, brittle and discolored nails can be a nuisance. Stress can be one of the major contributors to unflattering nails, but imagine having long, strong nails that survive through midterm exams and finals.

Endless hours sitting at a computer with piles of homework and projects scattered across the desk can quickly cause a student to bite his or her nails in dis- tress. If college is not stressful enough, a student’s nails should not have to be a noticeable battle wound.

Randi Martinez, senior English and Spanish double major, said she maintains healthy nails in the midst of a chaotic schedule by taking a supplement called biotin.

“My nails started to grow like crazy,” Martinez said.

According to WebMD. com, biotin, or vitamin B7, plays a key role in the body, and if taken as a supplement, it can improve the health of brittle and broken nails.

Nikki Huo, sophomore business major, also uses biotin as a supplement to support the growth and strength of her nails. She said that since using BioSil, a brand of biotin, she has had noticeably stronger and better-looking nails taking BioSil and whenever she stops her nails become weak again.

“It is nice to not have to worry about my nails while I have so much going on with school,” Huo said.

Huo and Martinez both agree that since they have started using biotin, their nails are less high-maintenance and problematic. While biotin is extremely helpful for keeping nails in good health, Martinez and Huo said they still use different products to keep their

cuticles from drying out. Toni Cordova, shift manager at Planet Beauty in the Galleria at Tyler, said she of- ten has customers come into the store in search for miracle-working products that prevent splitting nails, discoloration and dry cuticles. Cordova said a high- quality, nail-polish remover is essential to maintain healthy-looking, strong and moisturized nails.

OPI’s Expert Touch Lacquer Remover is one of the brands she recommended. Cordova said that it hydrates nails, is acetone-free and will not expel the moisture from the cuticles, which causes hang. This also easily cuts through glitter and tex- tured nail polish.

“I always go through phases where I do my nails like crazy or not at all,” Cordova said.

She said more expensive nail polish remover makes a difference when she is constantly doing her nails and removing the polish. Low-quality removers dry out nails and cuticles, which causes hang nails.

Investing in a high-quality nail polish remover and a biotin supplement may reduce one of many stresses this semester.

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