Squatting not always beneficial

Squatting is an exercise that could be beneficial to any workout routine, but can do more harm than good if not done in the correct form.

If one continues to do squats improperly, then injuries to the spine and knees will be inevitable.

“Don’t do squats if you don’t know how,” said Daniel Valadez, senior kinesiology major and personal trainer. “If you are not properly trained, squats can be dangerous. Do it wrong and you can hurt yourself.”

The squat exercise starts in the standing position, followed by bending in the knees and then moving into the sitting position until the thighs are parallel. This workout is often accompanied by the use of barbells or other hand weights.

“The problem with doing squats is many people have a hard time with form,” said Kristi Calhoun, California Baptist University group exercise coordinator at CBU’s Recreation Center.

Calhoun further explained that people may not initially feel like they are doing harm to their body when squatting, but in reality are causing damage.

Calhoun did say squatting is beneficial when done properly. With proper form, squats can strengthen the lower body muscles, including the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.

To become informed on how to execute squats correctly, Quinton Hughes, senior kinesiology major, suggested getting guidance from a personal trainer.

With proper training, squats can be an incredible strength-building, multi-joint exercise that can even improve bone density.

Squatting is an excellent exercise that can enhance workout routines, but it is important to be knowledgeable of the risks that come from executing the exercise improperly. Knowing how to perform the exercise is key.

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