Student-athletes flaunt unique fashion choices

From swim buns to bows to wrist bands, each sport has its unique sense of style in which every team at California Baptist University takes on while representing the Lancer navy and gold school colors in a uniformed way.

As sports fashion is being increasingly integrated into every day fashion, many students are dressing more causally for class while others maintain a more dressy style.

“The clothes volleyball players wear can be in fashion with the rest of society because the sporty look is in and getting in shape and wearing athletic gear is seen around more in everyday wear,” said Kim McCalmont, senior liberal studies major and women’s volleyball player.

As athletes are often going straight from classes to practice, many choose to wear athletic clothing all day.

Kyle Wong, senior kinesiology major and men’s basketball player, said he only puts effort into his fashion when he goes out.

Some athletes, however, find certain days that they wear regular vs athletic clothing for school.

“I only dress up on Wednesdays when I have chapel,” said Isalei Tauaese, freshmen kinesiology major and women’s soccer player.

Tauaese said her first week of school she felt underdressed compared to many CBU students.

“I showed up my first week of class and I go (into class) and everyone is wear- ing slacks,” Tauaese said.

Basketball players wear long, loose-fitting shorts and women swimmers and water polo players twist their hair into what is known as a “swim bun.”

Cheer wears bows in their hair for both practices and competitions.

CBU students demonstrate how sports fashion is being redefined during class, practice and competition.

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