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Sampling international cuisine is part of the college experience for students at California Baptist University. The local area contains many restaurants that are often visited by the younger crowds.

Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai are just some of the foods from local restaurants that are sampled by CBU students. While some students might be hesitant choosing a restaurant near campus that favors international food, other students may be more accustomed to trying something new.

International food might be part of a student’s heritage, making them more adventurous and willing to sample some of the world’s different flavors and recipes throughout the area.

For those who are more hesitant, perhaps a significant other, a relative or even a teacher can influence them to try something they have never tried before.

Emily G. Done, freshman communication disorders major, said she was hesitant about international cuisine, but her boyfriend encouraged her to get out of her comfort zone and try many different types of foods.

Ooka, a Japanese and sushi restaurant in the Riverside Plaza, is a restaurant Done said she enjoys. The food alone is enough to keep her going back and she explained the environment is appealing to her as well.

“(The atmosphere) makes you want to come in and try the food,” Done said. Amey Fenwick, senior early childhood studies major, considers herself an adventurous eater and said Thai food is one of her favorite types of cuisine. Bann Thai, a restaurant near the Riverside Plaza, is a restaurant that Fenwick highly recommends to fellow students seeking Thai cuisine.

“It’s the best place to go (for Thai) that’s close to campus,” Fenwick said. Although Asian cuisine seems to be an enjoyable flavor for CBU students,

Mexican food is also another favorite. Lindsey Coberly, sophomore health sciences major and Courtney Ross, sophomore business major, both said that Tony’s Mexican Food is an enjoyable restaurant. It is located in the plaza on the corner of Chicago and University avenues.

For college students who enjoy Mexican food and are on a budget, Tony’s is the place Coberly and Ross recommend because of the food and fast service.

While some students favor going off campus to try international foods, it can be more convenient to walk to the Alumni Dining Commons. The ADC often has international food such as sushi, burritos and gyro.

Regardless of heritage or reluctance in trying new foods, international cuisine can be an exciting part of a student’s life while attending college. No matter what international food CBU students are craving, Riverside has a restaurant for it.

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