10 arts you can learn through YouTube videos

YouTube is a popular site to visit because of its countless unique videos. Anyone interested in learning a new skill can easily find instructive videos teaching viewers about nearly anything they can imagine.

Many different California Baptist University students have visited YouTube in search of learning something new. These new skills learned by students include:

1. Public Speaking

For those who fear speaking in front of crowds, learning valuable tips from YouTube could be beneficial in both the classroom and real-life situations.

Individuals post videos sharing their own troubles with public speaking and provide some helpful tips for others who share the same problem. Anyone looking to develop public speaking skills should give these videos a try.

2. Science Concepts 

Nicole Bixler, junior pre-nursing major, frequently visits YouTube for how-to videos explaining different processes important to anatomy that prove useful in the classroom.

“Often, I’ll visit YouTube to look up videos explaining concepts such as how calcium is involved in muscle contraction,” Bixler said. “The pictures and diagrams make the processes easier to understand.”

3. Hair Styles

Paige Meskimen, junior nursing major, loves learning new hair styles and tricks on YouTube.

“I have been able to learn a lot of cool hair styles, like Bohemian waves, and how to deep-condition hair,” Meskimen said.

4. Makeup

Thousands of makeup tutorial videos can be found on YouTube and are some of the most popular howto videos. Viewers can find videos ranging from the cat eye look to a smoky shadow or even a bold lip. Learning some new makeup tips can spice up one’s daily routine with some fresh ideas.

5. Car Maintenance

Even with roadside assistance now so readily available, basic car maintenance is still a valuable skill. Individuals can access instructional videos such as how to change a tire, check tire pressure or change the oil in one’s car.

6. Dance Choreography

Rachelle Hardin, junior English major, was randomly browsing through YouTube when she stumbled upon an intriguing clip taught by a dance instructor. By the end of the short video, Hardin had learned an upbeat choreographed dance.

“I really like exercise that does not feel like exercise,”Hardin said.

7. Self-defense

For someone who gets that uneasy feeling trekking out to the car after a latenight class, a self-defense tutorial is the perfect solution. YouTube offers basic self-defense lessons that can teach viewers some easy moves that could come in use one day.

8. Germinating Seeds

Shanai Hawkins, senior history major, discovered how to germinate, or grow, seeds on YouTube. Shanai Hawkins, senior history major, discovered how to germinate, or grow, seeds on YouTube.

“I learned how to (germinate) apples, oranges, avocados and a mango seed,” Hawkins said. “(The YouTube videos) were really easy to follow.”

9. Knitting

A visit to YouTube can help teach a popular hobby such as knitting. Hats, scarves, headbands and sweaters are but a few of the many do-it-yourself craft videos available.

10. Acrylic nails

Becca Volsch, freshman nutrition major, found multiple nail art design videos and how-to tutorials that have proven useful to her.

“I love doing nail art and YouTube is a great place to go for ideas and helpful tips,” Volsch said.

YouTube is a great way to access thousands of videos that teach any kind of skill one can imagine.

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