Applicants use video resumes to market their capabilities

While searching for employment weighs heavily on the shoulders of graduating seniors, many look for creative ways to set themselves apart from the sea of candidates.

Video resumes are a new trend popping up as a unique way of presenting one’s experience and qualifications. When done professionally, videos can be a great way for applicants to express their creativity.

Caroline Potter, a resume expert at, advises that applicants use video resumes when employers are asking for creativity or the job requires applicants to think outside the box.

Potter goes on to write that video resumes should focus on the basic information and avoid anything distracting from the applicant’s skills.

“I personally do not think it will harm an applicant but in terms of helping them land a job, it depends on the industry and the expectations of the employer,” said Jacob Robertson, marketing specialist at California Baptist University.

Employers looking for creative employees find the addition of a video resume helpful.

“It would be beneficial to have a video resume as a theater major,” said Jessica Quinterro-Clifford, sophomore English and theater double major. “It gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent and skills.”

In some fields it may be unnecessary to adopt video resumes entirely.

“I do not think that there is a need for video resumes in my field, but I do see how they can be beneficial (elsewhere),” said Alycia Tillman, junior communications disorders major.

When debating if a video resume is the best option, it is imperative to understand the position being applied for and for which the employers are looking.

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