Award-winning cast to bring ‘Noah’ to theaters

One of the Bible’s most devastating events comes to theaters in March 2014, starring Oscar-winner, Russell Crowe in the film “Noah.”

The first official movie trailer for “Noah” was released Nov. 12. The clip was full of powerful imagery re created from the Genesis story of Noah’s ark.

“When I saw the trailer, I was blown away. A Bible story with amazing production value — not something we see nowadays,” Michael Ring, senior theater major said.

Making the movie “Noah” exceeded $125 million, according to

The movie’s all-star cast includes Emma Watson and Academy Award-winner Anthony Hopkins.

“I plan on seeing it,” Caleb Sorola, senior history major, said. “Good cast, good director and the visual effects look spectacular.”

Sorola is impressed that the producers are taking a classic story and retelling it in a visual way.

“If they stay true to the story (the film) will be great,” Sorola said.

The director for the movie is Darren Aronofsky, who is best known for the movies “Black Swan” and “The Fountain.”

“I’m excited, depending on the story and how it’s portrayed,” Brandon Burns, theology graduate student said. Burns said if the movie is historically accurate, it will be a great visual for a biblical message, but it will be a shame if the story is not accurate.

Only having a couple minutes of footage available does not give potential audiences much room to develop a complete opinion of the movie “Noah,” but it has sparked talk and anticipation for the movie’s release in 2014.

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