Future nurses give comfort

Giving back to those in need provides opportunities to learn to display compassion toward others.

Many nursing students had the privilege to help others by volunteering at local hospitals or in other countries.

Jesse Chappell, sophomore nursing major, worked at mobile health clinics in South Africa on her International Service Project. She and her team offered free HIV, AIDS and tuberculosis testing, along with blood pressure and blood glucose tests.

“A majority of the people there could not even afford basic health screenings; it was nice to give them an opportunity that could potentially be lifesaving further down the road,” Chappell said.

Chappell said being involved with the nursing program is rewarding and has taught her how to show Christ-like love to those who are in need of medical care.

“It was also extremely heartbreaking helping these people,” Chappell said. “I can’t even imagine what some of them go through on a daily basis.”

Nicole Smith, junior nursing major, has helped give back to the community by volunteering at the Rehabilitation and Health Care Center for the elderly in Upland, Calif.

“My experience with volunteering was one to remember and I thoroughly enjoyed it,” Smith said.

Smith said her most memorable experience during volunteering was with an elderly woman who wanted to live with her daughter and son-in-law.

When Smith saw the woman being signed out by her family, Smith explained to her she was going home. The elderly woman reached up to touch her son-in-law’s face and began to weep.

“To think that when I’m a nurse I can see these people every day and the progress they are making is truly amazing,” Smith said. “When it comes to others in need and volunteering, you feel you have helped in such tremendous ways.”

Selina Lopez, sophomore nursing major, has volunteered at Pomona Valley Hospital for three years.

“Volunteering was so much fun for me because it solidified my love for healthcare,” Lopez said. “I volunteered in labor and delivery for a majority of my volunteer career and I was able to work with new moms and their babies.”

Although most of her experiences in the labor and delivery department were uplifting, Lopez also learned how to handle dreadful situations as well.

“I had to learn how to handle situations where a mom and dad lost their child,” Lopez said. “It was difficult for me to learn how to interact with them at first, but it helped me out a lot with my communication skills and how to treat patients during extremely rough times.”

The nursing field offers many opportunities for nursing students to help care for others while also leaving a lasting impression on both the patient’s and student’s life.

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