MOB reveal: ‘stand on, stand up, stand fast’

More than 470 students and staff from California Baptist University gathered at Sherman Indian High School to learn where they would be serving during the 2014 International Service Projects, United States Projects and Summer of Service projects.

They were united with one thought: to stand on, stand up and stand fast.

The ISP, USP and SOS team reveal “is like Christmas Eve on crack,” said Kristen White, director of the Mobilization Office. Reveal night is the first event that brings the students together and is geared toward igniting excitement for all those participating in 2014 ISP, USP and SOS, White said.

After worship, Assistant Director of MOB Jarred Dobbins took the stage and welcomed the participating students. Dobbins explained that the theme of the 2014 ISP/USP trips is “Stand. On. Up. Fast.” He explained that the theme was taken out of Ephesians Chapter 6 and refers to how to prepare and work as a participant.

“This is not about a three-week, eight-week or a 10-day experience, it’s about a lifestyle,” Dobbins said. “This is not about a place; it’s about a purpose.”

Small group zones were set up throughout the auditorium that were dedicated to each country. Each zone was set up for six to 10-person teams and were decorated with pictures, flags, ornaments and food.

The night began with acoustic worship, where the voices of CBU students resounded throughout the auditorium: “Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander.”

“My heart is with the nations,” said Alyssa Liue, junior business major. Liue said she is excited to serve people abroad with the talents she has.

Students were instructed to open the little black bags they received at the beginning of the night, which contained colored plastic soldiers that had a number on the base of the figurine directing students into their groups.

With shouts of joy from students and staff, they gathered for the first time. These teams will work over the next several months to develop skills and raise funds for the work that lies ahead of them.

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