Students find best providers for cell coverage on campus

Cell phones allow for immediate access to the world through an array of major service providers.

Keeping in close contact with loved ones, especially during crisis situations cultivate the importance of good cell coverage.

However, students note that specific areas at California Baptist University, often shielded by thick walls and tall buildings, are lacking in coverage.

Kyra DeSantis, senior communication disorders major and AT&T user, said cell phone service provided by AT&T has become a hindrance, as she does not get service everywhere while on campus.

“When I was trying to plan my wedding, I would have to constantly go outside of my apartment to get service,” she said.

DeSantis said planning her wedding was much more stressful than it would have been if she had proper cell coverage.

Switching providers is an option people consider when experiencing difficulties similar to this one.

“My contract is almost up, and I am already looking into switching to Verizon,” DeSantis said.

Verizon is known by its customers for having reliable campus-wide service. Verizon users are able to make calls and access the Internet regardless of their location.

“My service is so reliable and I always have a strong signal,” said Verizon user Sierra Van Leeuwen, senior communication studies major. “Internet works consistently all around campus.”

In an age where instant gratification has become a strong cultural value, customers expect full coverage.

The more reliable a phone company is, the more inclined students will feel to switch providers.

Being caught in an inconvenient situation due to poor reception is something that causes customers to reconsider their own provider and to switch entirely.

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