Visiting hours restrict freshmen

The rules and regulations between freshmen and upperclassmen who live on campus regarding the visiting hours for men and women in different living areas are examined as the school year continues.

The hours in which a student can visit a fellow Lancer differentiates in the various living areas. The hours for freshmen living areas are different from the visitation hours in all the other housing areas.

Janelle Fagg, resident director of the Colony and previously of Simmons Hall, explained the benefits of limited visitation hours for freshmen.

“Because of the structure of the living areas, freshmen are sharing space with many other people,” Fagg said. “It is important to connect with the hall and adjust to college without having to worry about people coming into their space.”

Byron Ramos, freshman history major, is a resident in Tower Hall and said the visitation rules for freshmen are fair.

“Freshmen have newfound freedom that they did not have before,” Ramos said. “The rules were made for a reason.”

Jon Wong, sophomore business major, was a resident in Smith Hall his freshman year and is now a resident in the North Colony. He said he thinks the visitation hours are unfair for all students.

“I believe that if we are old enough to be in college, we should be able to take responsibility for our own actions,” Wong said.

Some students see freshman year of college as a transition into the freedom that college offers, only with a couple guidelines until students mature.

“For freshmen, college is a new experience. But, as you get older, you become more mature,” said Giselle Pureco, sophomore pre-nursing major.

Ramos gives a tip for students who find the student rules of the visitation hours unfair.

“If you really want to see someone that bad, meet them at Brisco’s,” Ramos said.

The visitation hours for those who are living on campus as freshmen are on Wednesday and Friday, 7 to 10 p.m., for visiting in women’s living areas, and Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m. for visiting men’s living areas.

For upperclassmen living on campus, the visiting hours are Sunday through Thursday, noon to 11 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, noon to midnight.

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