‘I love you’ the movie

Camera crews scrambling everywhere. Sound of cameras clicking. Flashes shooting from all angles. Cast members signing autographs. The electric atmosphere was overwhelming with excitement as the “I Love You” movie premiered at Regal Plaza Stadium 16 movie theater in Riverside.

James Love, writer and main actor of the film, said his overall vision is to start a movement that will change the world using love to see past all things.

“We all go through things; we all have fallen down. But in the end love does not care if you are black or white, Christian or Muslim,” Love said. “As long as you have life, there is hope for you and we want to bring this message everywhere.”

“I Love You” is a modern adaptation of the biblical parable of the prodigal son, told by Jesus in Luke 15.

In the story, James Mutch, the younger of a wealthy man’s two sons, decides to cash in his inheritance and spends it on extravagant living. After he spends all his money, James realizes his mistakes and asks his father’s forgiveness.

Rather than reacting with anger and turning James away, his father embraces him and forgives him for everything he has done, relating the message of redemption to viewers.

Throughout the production of “I Love You,” several actors said they were affected personally as they played their given roles.

Brandon Byrd, sophomore film studies and business administration double major at California Baptist University, played James’ best friend and business partner, Brandon.

“Even though I did not specify one particular person in my character I wanted to give an example of what the road would look like if someone would follow this lifestyle,” Byrd said.

Another actor whose life was affected by the film is actor Sean Michael Boozer, 37, who played the elder son, Jacob Mutch.

“Every role you do has an effect on you and it helps you know where you are as a person,” Boozer said. “I had remembered how I would feel when I wanted to seek my father’s approval. Boozer said that this helped him understand his character more deeply.

The producers said the main focus of the film is to create a movement of acceptance and love. Love and the rest of the cast said they hope to make their dream of changing the world with love a reality by premiering the film nationwide Jan. 21.

Love said he hopes to premiere the movie worldwide, but has not yet disclosed a release date.

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