Athletes preserve femininity in sport

Whether listening to music, stretching or getting in “the zone,” every athlete has his or her own rituals before a game. For some female athletes, wearing makeup is a common ritual before practice or a game.

Female athletes, whether on the professional level or the collegiate level, wear makeup for various reasons. California Baptist University’s female athletes are no exception.

Two players on CBU’s women’s volleyball team, Lauren Marr, freshman criminal justice major, and Jessica Harris, freshman nutrition science major, wear makeup to games for the spectators and themselves.

When an athlete plays a game, he or she wants to play it well; for these women, wearing makeup helps enable them, mentally, to play well physically.

“I wear makeup (to games) because when I look good, I feel good and I play good,” Harris said.

These athletes said it is also important to keep their friends and the rest of the audience in mind when they play.

“I wear makeup to games because I like to look good when I play,” Marr said. “Especially home games, I know a lot of friends will be there and I like to look good on the court.”

At CBU, there is not one type of athletic team or female athlete who wears makeup or does not. Marr said it is entirely up to the woman whether or not she decides to wear makeup.

However, there are different opinions as to which female athletic teams at CBU have a majority of athletes who wear makeup. Marr said she believes volleyball players probably wear the most makeup because they are girly.

Aside from the players who wear makeup to feel good and play well, there are athletes who wear makeup to games because it is convenient.

Kortni Richards, freshman kinesiology major and former high school volleyball player, said she wore makeup to high school games only because she was wearing it for the day. Richards said she also does not believe that makeup makes an athlete play better.

“A girl shouldn’t have to wear makeup to perform better because that comes from practice, not makeup,” Richards said.

Makeup is simply another way for athletes to exercise their autonomy.

“I believe that athletes should do whatever they want if it makes them feel good or confident,” Marr said.

Whether or not female athletes wear makeup to games is a small detail. The most important aspect of athletics is to play the game well and to the best of the athlete’s ability.



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