Clean eating results in weight loss, energy

Juicy burgers, cheesy pizza, spicy nachos and hot fries are there to love when needed. However, eating clean is a fast way to replace greasy comfort foods with energy that produces rapid results in and out of the gym.

Carly Campbell, junior nursing major at California Baptist University, said eating clean is a lifestyle choice not just another diet.

“I made the choice to start eating healthier after high school,” Campbell said. “I began to take it more seriously, and made some major changes in my eating habits.”

Campbell also said she does not eat processed foods and products that have extra additives. She eats many grains, fruits, vegetables and meats. However, she is picky about the meats she chooses to eat.

“I try to stick with chicken or fish,” Campbell said. “They are less fatty meats and can be paired nicely with green vegetables. Turkey is also really healthy for you, but it is not my favorite-tasting meat.”

Campbell said she notices quicker results at the gym and is able to push herself harder when she is eating fresh foods than when she resorts to  eating processed food or fast food.

“I cannot go to the gym anymore without having eaten healthy before,” she said. “The vegetables and lean proteins from the meats give me noticeable energy when running or lifting weights. When I am eating right, I know that I can take a day off the gym without losing progress.”

Jackie Bullock, personal trainer at Lakeridge Tennis Club in Reno, Nev., also makes an effort to make sure she maintains a clean diet.

“Eating right keeps insulin levels steady, which effects everything, such as hunger, energy, how one absorbs food and mood,” Bullock said. “Once you make clean foods a habit, it is easier to stay on track.”

Cheat days are also important to keep focused and motivated. This gives the body something to look forward to throughout the week.

“I love cheat days,” Bullock said. “If I did not have them, I would binge, and that is not a good thing.”

Paige Palazzolo, senior communication studies major, explained how her cheat days are important to her weekly routine.

“I cheat on Fridays and Sundays,” she said. “Sometimes I also cheat on Mondays too if I had a hard week. My favorite is boneless, all-you-can eat, wings. However, I only do all-you-can eat once a week.”

Clean eating can benefit attitude, body and mind.

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