One shot short: free tuition missed

Half of a semester’s tuition paid for just by making a half-court shot seems too good to be true. For Sarah Spaulding, sophomore pre-nursing major, it was too good to be true.

Students lined up, stretching across the entire length of the Van Dyne gym at the men’s basketball game against Point Loma Nazarene University Monday, in hopes of being selected for the halftime giveaway.

Expectations were high, as students assumed that someone would absolutely be winning the grand prize of a semester’s tuition that night.

The catch: the student whose name was drawn for the contest at halftime was given no time to prepare and only one shot to sink the basketball from half-court. Spaulding said she was unprepared for the task and the sporadic challenge was embarrassing.

“I haven’t picked up a basketball in over a year,” Spaulding said. “I didn’t even get to practice.”

After missing the half-court shot, Spaulding was also given the opportunity to shoot a three-point shot for a semester’s supply of laundry credit, a free throw for a semester’s worth of macaroni and cheese and a layup for a semester of bubblegum. Spaulding made the layup and became the proud owner of a lot of bubble gum.

When asked what she planned to do with it, Assistant Dean of Students Joe Adcock joked, “A lot of chewing.”

Adcock, who has been given the new title “Joe Halftime,” was the emcee of the halftime giveaway.

“Sarah’s a good sport,” Adcock said. “I’m glad she won something.”

Although the challenge was tough, if the student had made the half-court shot, she would have been guaranteed a semester’s tuition. However, there were some guidelines that the athletic department had to follow before a student was awarded the prize.

If a student’s name was pulled from the drawing and he or she made a half-court shot, theoretically the student would have won the grand prize, but he or she must also have never played college or high school basketball.

The Athletic Department purchases an insurance policies for the different promotions that they arrange and then they have to follow different regulations set up by the insurance company, according to CBU Director of Athletics Micah Parker.

The goal of this halftime contest was to encourage student attendance at athletic events, Parker said.

Although the task was great, the payoff could have been even greater if Spaulding was able to make a half-court shot.

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