‘Ring by Spring’ to bring new flings

The Christian college stigma of finding a spouse by graduation leaves a lot to live up to for students.

Obtaining a wedding ring by spring with just the click of a button is now a possibility because of a concept Matthew Fuller, junior business management major, thought of in the Alumni Dining Commons with a roommate.

“Ring by Spring,” a phrase referring to a college student’s quest to find a spouse, is now the name of a website founded by Fuller and two other business students at California Baptist University.

“My roommate and I wanted to do something for college students,” Fuller said. “Why not a college dating website? And keeping it exclusive to CBU will make it unique.”

Their idea grew to include the potential for a variety of interpersonal connections. Though the site’s title implies exclusive dating services, Fuller and his fellow co-founders – Matthew McMartin, freshman business management major, and Christian Montoya, junior business management major – said an important component of the new venture is to use the site to find friends and meet new people, as well.

Although the site is a place where a student can make connections, the co-founders created it for a specific demographic: the CBU student body.

“We’re not going to match people,” McMartin said. “It’s just a safe environment for you to meet people who are like you, that you go to school with, and have the same interests in relationship status as you do.”

On their profiles, students have the option to select friendship, dating, boyfriend/girlfriend, or long-term relationship as their incentive for using the website. Some students have expressed that they would not be interested in pursuing a romantic relationship via the website.

“If I were to join the site, I wouldn’t be looking for someone to date, just connections,” said Amy Fossett, senior liberal studies major.

McMartin said connecting the campus together was their main motivation for their creation.

The name of the site poses some confusion because it is so closely related to the stereotype.

“‘Ring by Spring’ is a catchy name, but (the site) is not utilized just for the people who want to get married,” Montoya said. “It’s just a catchy trademark.”

The site has already stimulated talk across campus, and students speculate how successful the website will be.

“It would be interesting to see how many guys and girls have joined the website, considering CBU itself has more girls than guys,” said Katie Juarez, sophomore accounting major.

The website is currently in its beginning stages; 200 students must pre-register before it can officially launch.

The numbers climb daily. If interested in exploring the site in its early stages, visit calbaptist.ringbyspring.me.

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