Students incorporate radiant orchid trend into 2014 clothing

With a new year comes new trends, and the Pantone Color Institute has recently unveiled the 2014 Color of the Year: a bold and intriguing shade of purple that was officially named Radiant Orchid.

This color is expected to appear in multiple industries, from art to entertainment to home decor. On the California Baptist University campus, however, it will primarily be seen in fashion.

“I definitely love seeing the different color trends every year and trying to incorporate bold colors like last year’s emerald into my everyday style,” said Sienna Naggar, senior political science major.

Naggar predicts CBU students will include this vibrant shade of purple in their personal styles as the spring semester progresses. Students who are looking to make a statement with their clothing and accessories can wear Radiant Orchid in various ways. It can serve as an accent piece to an already existing outfit.

For example, an outfit lacking color could be improved and made unique by adding a necklace, headband or even a pair of shoes in this purple shade. It can also be paired with bolder colors, such as different shades of red or deeper purples.

For women trying to create a modern and elegant business look, a purple blouse could be paired with a solid black or white pencil skirt. Men could wear shirts in the purple color family, or try smaller purple accents such as socks or ties.

Lilo Ma’o, senior marketing major and former co-president of the CBU Fashion Club, said there are even more daring ways to wear this year’s Pantone color.

“A safe way to wear it would be wearing a dress,” Ma’o said. “I would commend somebody if they wore it as pants, or a suit.”

Because brighter shades of purple tend to draw attention, incorporating larger statement pieces such as these both requires and creates confidence for the people wearing them.

“It’s an eye-catching and lively color,” said Aubrey MacMillan, junior English major.

MacMillan compared this year’s color to the literary Harry Potter character Gilderoy Lockhart, known for his extravagant purple attire.

“He was fabulous and attention-grabbing,” MacMillan said. “He would command a room.”

MacMillan said wearing brighter shades of purple naturally causes people to exude a powerful yet playful sort of energy.

As spring and summer approach, this eccentric purple is likely to make its way into many personal styles.

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