Brink is back, ready to win

When faced with adversities such as injury, illness or not making the roster, collegiate athletes have one of two decisions—give up or push through.

For Johannes Brink, junior business administration major, giving up was not an option. When he was no longer able to play volleyball at California Baptist University, Brink pushed through.

“It’s been a long road,” Brink said. “I liked the program here, but it was too much money and I had to leave.”

For financial resaons, Brink had to leave CBU to attend Riverside Community College. However, after two years, Brink is back at CBU.

“He had to leave due to circumstances that were unforeseen and that he could not control,” said Allan Vince, assistant men’s volleyball coach. “But through his absence he really worked hard to get back here, which shows his loyalty. ”

Pushing past the trials life has thrown his way, Brink said he has grown from the challenges he faced.

“(He) is a competitor,” Vince said. “He’s had a lot of different things in his life that are hardships, and he’s triumphed through a lot of hardships to be here.”

Coaches and fellow teammates said Brink’s personality and ability to play volleyball are both assets to the team.

“Two highlight performances would be against University of California at San Diego, (where) he had 24 kills, and then against (Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne). He had 19 kills and hit for 441, which is really good,” said Wes Schneider, head coach for CBU men’s volleyball. “He’s a fun guy and a solid volleyball player; we enjoy having him on the team.”

Men on the team said they are pushed to greater heights with Brink playing again.

“Brink is an asset to our team because he’s always there in practice ready to work,” said Cody Jackson, freshman mechanical engineering major and teammate. “His intensity and high level of play allow his teammates to have to work harder to compete with him.”

Brink helps the team stay fired up.

“Brink is a teammate who shows encouragement through not only his words but also his actions,” Jackson said. “He’s there to bring the intensity and fire up our team to give us the momentum to do so.”

Brink said he thrives on adrenaline and loves when his team is pumped up with him.

“My favorite part about playing volleyball is probably just getting that adrenaline fix when it’s a tight game or you’re doing well or screaming at the crowd,”  Brink said.

Brink said his goal is to play volleyball at the professional level.

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