Apply makeup to obtain celebrity-beauty looks

Celebrities who always flaunt flawless makeup are somewhat intimidating to the average person because, well, they look perfect.

Every February, the world turns its attention toward New York Fashion Week, where top designer lines for spring and summer are showcased. Makeup  has also played  a major part on the runway.

Last year, the glowing skin, or “no-makeup makeup” trend, was big on the runway and has returned with a surprising twist. Models were seen with bright red and orange lips, dramatic cat eyes and glittered eyelids.

California Baptist University student Maria Islas, sophomore biology major and YouTube makeup tutorial guru, breaks down her tips for successfully looking like a star without a star’s professional makeup team.

“Be yourself. Make it your own.”

“You may not look like any of those models, but you can still pull it off, if you do it in moderation,” Islas said. “If you feel comfortable in it, most likely you look good in it. Just play up what you have. If you have really pretty green eyes, eye shadow would look amazing.”

“Experiment with your look.”

From smokey eyes to ombre lips, it is hard to judge how something will look on a person if she has never tried it before.

“Play with who you are and don’t be afraid to try new things,” Islas said. “I thought lipstick was going to look weird on me because I have big lips, but it wasn’t until I tried it that I fell in love with lipstick. I don’t have to wear makeup, just lipstick and it totally brings my lips (and) face out and I match it with my clothes and make instant style.”

“Do not be afraid to ask a friend for advice.”

“Ask, ‘Hey, does this look OK?’” Islas said. “It depends on the makeup you use. It can be very light and fresh or very heavy. Sometimes we may think it is a lot because we over think things.”

One thing Islas said works so she does not have a “cakey” face is using only liquid foundation.

“I just use liquid foundation and not powder,” Islas said. “I know some people use both, and I know that tends to make it look caked on and makes (one’s face) too pale and not your skin color. Just ask friends or someone that you trust to tell you the truth.”

“Do not always listen to what you are told.”

Many people warn against wearing eye and lip makeup at the same time, but Islas said one  can wear both.

“When I do my makeup, I play up my lips the most, but I also play up my eyes,” Islas said. “If you do super dark reds, then maybe your eyes could be simpler. But if you like eyeliner, then wear eyeliner.”

Similarly, Paige Buffington, freshman graphic design major, lives by this rule when applying her daily look.

“Purple lipstick is in but be sure to use it subtle,” said Buffington. “Natural color on the eyes that will make your lips pop.”

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