Dunk Dynasty: CBU students play intramural basketball

The clock ticks while they run back and forth down the court with their beards flying in the wind. With only a few minutes to spare, it was either win big or leave knowing they made the opposing team smile, beards and all.

Intramural basketball is in full swing at California Baptist University and there is no team quite like these students known as Dunk Dynasty. This comedic team enjoys playing on the court while dressing up as the cast of the famous A&E reality show “Duck Dynasty.”

“It was my idea to come up with the name and we all cooperated and formed ‘Dunk Dynasty,’” said Brent DeBord, junior health science major.

Along with his other teammates, DeBord said he enjoys playing with whom he is closest. In order to represent the team, the men strap on huge, bushy beards while the women wear bandanas on their heads.

“Basically, our tactic is to get anyone to laugh,” said Alexander Hamilton, junior health science major. “It’s not even just about winning; it’s more about making people laugh and having a good time.”

Hamilton said the team is always looking for fun ways for everyone to have a good time on the court.

“We’re a happy family,” Hamilton said.

As they compete, the team’s strategy is to focus on playing the best they can and make lots of noises all while acting as goofy as they possibly can.

“Brent is really good with playing with one hand and Alex is awesome distracting people by throwing his beard at them,” said Matthew Nolen, junior international business major. “Most people seem to get it, sometimes.”

Nolen said that the team’s best qualities are working together, getting along really well and encouraging one another no matter if they’re winning or not.

Surprisingly enough, some of the team members are aware of the television show they are impersonating, but are not huge fans of the show itself.

“I can definitely say some of us are fans,” said Scott Sandy, junior biology major. “Some of us have never seen the show.”

All four men have played intramurals before and formed crazy teams together for different sports, such as soccer, dodge ball and volleyball. Sandy said the team definitely has chemistry. He said the goal is to make people seem like they’re good even though they may not be.

The men said playing basketball while wearing thick beards is not as easy as it looks. Nevertheless, they still enjoy playing the game.

“We just leave a piece of us on the court, literally,” DeBord said. “As long as you have fun that’s all that matters.”

With a high-ho Godly attitude and plenty of team spirit “Dunk Dynasty” knows how to bring out a smile from the crowd and their opposing team no matter if they win or lose the game.

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