Students prepare for March Madness

Fans cheer and crowds watch attentively as teams get eliminated one-by-one during the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s men’s and women’s basketball tournament which will take place from the second week of March to the first week of April.

Every year in March the best colleges in the NCAA are able to compete for the title of national champions of college basketball in an event also known as March Madness.

All around the nation, fans and sports fanatics of all ages watch the tournament religiously in hopes that their favorite school might take home the win.

While there are students at California Baptist University that will not miss a game, there are also a few that do not even know what March Madness is or what it is all about.

Several students at CBU have said they are anticipating the tournament to finally begin.

While some of the students are planning not to a miss a game on TV, others might even get to watch one of the games live.

“My plans are to watch as many games as I can via TV and Internet and possibly go to the elite 8 game in Los Angeles,” said Matthew Perry, junior applied theology major.

Someone who is not a sports fan might get a little confused with all the different terms and rules of March Madness, but those who anticipate this annual tournament are well acquainted with game series works.

The tournament begins with the top 64 teams in the NCAA. The 64 teams are then reduced to 32 teams and then to 16 teams, also known as “The Sweet 16.”

These 16 teams are then reduced to four teams known as “The Final Four.” The final four teams battle it out for the title of NCAA basketball champions.

There are also students who are not planning on watching any of the games for the simple reasons of not knowing what it is.

“All I know is that it’s a basketball (tournament) for schools in the NCAA,” said Jami Davis, junior graphic design major.

Even though there are a few students who will not be watching the tournament, all over the nation including CBU, there are students who are looking forward to watch how this March Madness will turn out.

“I look forward to the upsets the most and Duke University winning,” Perry said.

Some students create their own brackets as they attempt to make predictions about these collegiate games.

Basketball fans do not have to wait much longer since the nail-biting intensity of March Madness is right around the corner.

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