Students, professors face 2014 tax season

Tax season is underway, affecting people across the country. For many students and faculty members at California Baptist University, it has the possibility to result in extra cash heading into the summer.

Those planning to file their taxes must do so by April 15 to avoid penalties and late fees.

Filing taxes is a task that should be taken seriously. Tax experts say a person can face cash penalties that increase over time, and can be investigated if taxes are not filed or are filed incorrectly. In severe cases, individuals can be tried and sentenced to prison.

“Doing your taxes can seem stressful,” said Frank Perini, an associate at United Loan Center in Murrieta, Calif. “It is important to get them done early. You never know when there is going to be a problem, and it’s better to have a chance to fix them.”

Perini said many people have errors on their taxes, especially if they try to do them themselves.

“If you do them yourself, make sure you have a professional look at them,” Perini said.

For many, doing taxes is something they dread all year long.

“I know I wait until the very last minute,” said Rachel Bates, an American sign language professor at CBU. “It’s like going to the dentist. You don’t look forward to it, but eventually you just get it done.”

Bates said tax season is not stressful, but an annoyance for her.

For students, tax season may seem nerve-wracking. Julia Gomez, senior Christian studies major, said she feels tax season is a stressful time because she is not prepared.

“I wish (CBU) could offer a class just on taxes to help students who are not sure what they are doing,” Gomez said. “But in the end, it all works out.”


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