Indulge in creativity to discover inner-artist

Everybody has an inner-artist. Whether it is snapping a few photos for Instagram or doodling in a note pad, students often have a creative side that they do not always reveal.

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose a medium that is fun but also a good fit. Not everyone has a lot of free time on their hands during the semester, so many students use their limited free time to create without pouring their lives into their process.

Some students listen to music to get into an artistic mindset.

“I get my flow through music,” said Natalie Rogers, sophomore criminal justice major. “When I have a great beat going through my head, it’s just a natural flow to start (drawing) or (making) clothes.”

Rogers has acquired a useful skill set that helps her express herself daily to those she meets.

“I know how to sew,” Rogers said. “I cut, tie-dye and put other things together that fit my style.”

Josh Poetoehena, senior graphic design major, said he likes to put distance between himself and a project with music and exercise.

“I listen to a variety of different musical styles while I go for walks or to the gym,” Poetoehena said.

Daren Stevens, senior graphic design and theology double major, recommended Instagram for artistically-inclined students.

“I Instagram life outside of school,” Stevens said. “When I don’t want to think about school, I go to my pretend Instagram life. It’s a visually pleasing escape to wonderful memories of your own life.”

Daren’s brother, Nate Stevens, freshman philosophy and photography double major, works with Daren on their website called Nate also uses Instagram to showcase his work.

“I don’t show clients my Instagram. I think it’d be embarrassing,” Nate said. “(I use it) just for fun, to show (friends) what I’m working on, but there are links to my website to show full content.”

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