Riverside local sings her way to Hollywood

Every year thousands of singers try out for singing competitions and television shows hoping to make their dreams a reality. This was no different for Riverside native Danielle Kalil, who made it to “Hollywood week” on the hit Fox show “American Idol.”

“It was my fourth time auditioning, so it was about time,” Kalil said.

Kalil’s unique singing voice, a combination of country and blues, may have paved her way into the singingcompetition.

“When I looked at the other competition, I didn’t see anyone who was exactly like me,” Kalil said. “I think I brought something unique to the table, and I got a ‘yes’ from two judges, so that was good.”

The process of getting onto the show is not easy. Contestants must go through several auditions before they get in front of the judges.

“It is such a long process,” Kalil said. “You have to go through several obstacles to actually get on the show.”

“American Idol” is one of many shows that give average people the opportunity to chase their dreams.

Kourtney Wiese, sophomore psychology major, auditioned for “The X Factor,” another well-known singing competition show.

“When I auditioned in Seattle, there were hundreds of tents set up within the arena, so you basically have to sing over other people,” Wiese said. “It is so loud and crazy.”

Wiese said she believes contestants must not only possess talent, but contribute something new to the competition in order to make it on to the television show.

“The filmed auditions that we see on TV don’t happen until about the seventh or eighth round, depending on the show, and with each day of auditioning, you have to make yourself more and more unique,” Wiese said.

Competing in front of a nationwide audience may be alarming to some, but both women agree that it was an experience they will never forget.

“It was such a fun experience to see so many different people, especially coming from such an eccentric city like Seattle, auditioning in one place,” Wiese said. “You meet a ton of people through the process.”

Kalil was able to perform for the judges again at “Hollywood week.” Although she did not advance on the show, she joined forces with another contestant and they created the duo Lovesick Darlins.

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