Avoid migraines with home remedies

Pressure, numbness, sensitivity to light or sound, tingling and fatigue – these are all signs that a migraine is about to emerge.

According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, migraines are often caused by changes within the nervous system, which can surprise the individual when an attack is induced.

Cameron, a nutrition specialist and employee at Clark’s Nutrition and Natural Foods Market in Riverside, said while he can recommend certain nutritional habits, these habits cannot cure individuals of their migraines.

Dr. Juliann Perdue, associate professor of nursing and director of Clinical Affiliations at California Baptist University, agreed with this notion and said it is common for women to suffer from migraines because of their menstrual cycle or heredity.

“A lot of women will have migraines mid-month when their hormones are changing,” Perdue said. “They can be the healthiest person, but you can’t stop the hormones.”

For dietary purposes, Cameron said to avoid sugars and carbohydrates but not to avoid healthy fats.

“I’ve heard ‘never have saturated fat,’” Cameron said. “(That’s) really not a good idea. That’s a common misconception.”

Cameron said foods with healthy fats, such as trout, salmon, avocado and olives are helpful since the brain’s primary nutrient is fat.

Perdue said to have plenty of water because migraines can be caused by dehydration. However, if the cause is not dehydration, caffeine can also be beneficial.

“Caffeine helps to constrict,” Perdue said. “So when you don’t think caffeine is a good thing, it can actually help to constrict vessels and decrease pressure.”

She recommended both acupuncture, penetration of the skin with needles for stimulation, and yoga for proper body alignment, as poor posture can cause headaches.

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