Colors, techniques to enhance eye color

The bathroom counter is scattered with cosmetic products — eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. Hair is pulled in frustration at the many failed attempts to create an eye-popping look.

However, whether experienced or inexperienced, consumers begin the process by applying eye shadow.

Alina G. Tamayo, sophomore theater major and makeup designer for California Baptist University’s theater program, recommended beginners do research such as surfing the Internet or watching YouTube makeup tutorial videos to get makeup tips.

“I have two sources of where I go,” Tamayo said. “The first is Pinterest; I usually look up makeup tips and products and I get my ideas. The second source is Jennifer Ruiz, who is an independent makeup artist. Her work is on Instagram.”

Tamayo also recommended an individual to look for skin tone and price range.

“One thing that I’ve noticed that works well for all eye colors and skin tones is a pretty gold,” Tamayo said. “Not a harsh gold but a more pretty, natural gold.”

Tamayo said those who have green eyes should wear purple shadow, blue eyes should apply a light blue shadow to their bottom lid and hazel eyes should wear a blush color.

Tyler Santos,  graduate of Marinello Schools of Beauty, said consumers should consider their eye color, the look they desire and the ingredients within the product in case they are allergic to the product.

“Don’t be afraid to experiment,” Santos said.

He suggested testing the shadow on the hand or eye and to consider the texture and weight.

Santos said he has a personal preference for the brand Urban Decay because they are animal cruelty-free and they have vegan products.

Santos said another reason to purchase Urban Decay is because “they have an amazing color range.”

Tamayo said to have three basic brushes — a flatter brush, blending brush and crease brush to help blend the shadow.

“My favorite brushes are the Elf brushes from Target,” Tamayo said. “They are super affordable and really good brushes. On the Elf brushes, it will explain what each is for.”

Once the consumer has the shadows and tools to apply they should start by covering each lid with primer. Next, brush a colorless shimmer eye shadow on the brow bone, followed by a lighter color to the lid of the eye.

“Get your darker color, but not too much and start blending it into the crease,” Tamayo said. “Always start with less shadow and build. The last thing is to put the same shadow that you applied to the brow bone on the inner crease of your eye, just to add a little something special.”

When blending the different eye shadows together during the last step of applying eye makeup, Tamayo said to use a crease brush in a circular motion. That way, the shadows become fully blended and even.

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