Tips to improve cell phone battery life

With the increase in popularity of smartphones, owners have begun to notice that battery life has decreased over time.

“My phone always dies about halfway through the day,” said Kelsey Greene, freshman liberal studies major. “It’s annoying since I commute (and) I’m often at school for long hours without a phone charger. I always have to remember to keep a charger on me.”

Smartphones keep users connected to the world around them, but they lack purpose  if the batteries are dead.

Sudi Nsengiyumva, student technician in the California Baptist University IT Department, recommends the following  tips to make a smartphone battery last longer:

ω Close out applications that are not being used. Leaving applications running drains phone batteries by keeping the phone’s processor running.

ω Turn off Wi-Fi when it is not being used. When leaving the Wi-Fi on, smart phones are constantly trying to connect to the Internet and, therefore, wasting battery. When out of range, such as when driving or hanging out places that do not have wireless Internet, turn off the Wi-Fi to save battery.

ω Turn off updates. Phones constantly check for updates whether on apps to keep the user as updated as possible. A user can reduce how often his or her phone checks for updates or even check for updates manually. Changing these settings will help  lengthen phone battery life.

ωTurn off phone and app notifications. When a user receives a notification, his or her phone will typically vibrate, make a noise, light up or remind him or her again just in case the user forgot. All of these notifications drain battery life faster.

ω Turn off auto brightness. Every time a user pulls out his or her smart phone, the screen automatically adjusts to whatever room he or she is in. Many smart phones have easily accessible ways to change the brightness, and that will help the user to save some battery life.

Jessica Lievanos, junior political science major, offers one last-ditch effort tip to keep your phone alive until you plug your device  into a charger.

ωLievanos said to Turn your smartphone on airplane mode. Placing your phone on airplane mode keeps the phone on- yet reduces energy use by not connecting  to wireless networks.

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