CBU ranked distinguished institution

California Baptist University has ranked in the top-50 colleges by U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” list for the ninth consecutive year.

The U.S. News & World listing ranks universities based on the different academic programs that are available at the schools.

In 2011, CBU was ranked No. 58. This year, it is ranked as a premiere top-tiered school at No. 38 in a list of more than 600 schools.

“We see people come here because we keep climbing in the polls and because they want an educational experience that the institution has to offer,” said John Montgomery, dean of Spiritual Life. “They might not have a relationship with Christ when they come here. They are not necessarily coming because this a Christian university; they are coming here because this is a quality school.”

Once they are here, though, what they learn can have an impact on them spiritually.

“(People who come) respond to the gospel, go to Christ and begin to grow in their faith,” Montgomery said. “It’s this idea of a divine appointment: They come here, they discover Christ and they discover Jesus.”

Students new to the campus can see the kind of difference Montgomery is taking about. Danica Kinne, freshman anthropology and psychology double major, noted that the community  of caring faculty, staff and students was what inspired her to work hard.

“I can tell from even just my first month in school that my professors are willing to work with me,” Kinne said. “I don’t know if people have that on other campuses. I think it’s definitely a major factor in CBU being ranked so high, because connections with professors and other students is important. Student success often comes through the relationships students can have with professors.”

Kandice Johnston, senior film major, was also influenced by CBU in such a way.

“Over the summer I was exposed to students from other film programs,” Johnston said. “While they seemed to be very knowledgeable in Hollywood films, I found I had a more holistic understanding of film as an art and how it pertains to cultures all over the world. CBU is globally minded, and better prepares students for an increasingly connected world.”

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