Lively new restaurants come to Riverside

A handful of new restaurants have opened in Riverside within the last year.

Since many of the restaurants are located near California Baptist University, students have access to a variety of dining options.

Oven 450, a new restaurant located on Iowa Street encourages customers to create their own flatbread pizza using a variety of toppings.

Located near Oven 450 is Calibasil, a unique Vietnamese eatery that serves customized pho.

Patrons can choose from a variety of noodles, meats, and garnishes and as well as the choice between three different broths.

Riverside resident and senior biochemistry major, Cecily Dussell, hopes that CBU gets places to study and hang out similar to the atmosphere that the University of California Riverside, gets from University Plaza.

Dussell said she especial- ly favors the new restaurant, Blaze Pizza in the Riverside Plaza. The pizzeria is known for its community involve- ment.

“We have an award-winning architect who designs each Blaze Pizza restaurant to reflect the neighborhood and community,” said Joshua Levitt, Blaze Pizza corporate spokesperson.

Blaze appeals to younger crowds with its eco-friendly products that are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Their salad boxes, for ex- ample, are made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Blaze Pizza also reach- es out to the community through fundraising.

“We have an active fund- raiser program to support local organizations,” Levitt said. “We encourage any group to stop by and obtain additional information about how we can work together to generate funds for their cause.”

Blaze customers Chris Johnson and Matt Leuttringer organized a water polo fundraiser in which 20 percent of the profit was applied to their team.

“Any place that let’s you put as many toppings as you want on a pizza at a flat rate is worth going to,” Johnson said.

Blaze Pizza is just one example in a growing list of up and coming restaurants drawing in new crowds.

Positive economic results are expected to come from the new restaurantsopening in Riverside.

The majority of the eateries opening are independently owned, which benefits the economy and allows for more investment opportunities, as well as community involvement.

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