Olive Tree Bible app makes Bible reading easy to do

Olive Tree Bible, an app created by Nelson Media Inc., is an easy-to-use Bible application for Android and iOS devices, making the Old and New testaments easier to digest and understand with accessible background information, quick references and customized guides.

This Bible study app allows the user to highlight passages in the Bible and customize the highlights with a variety of colors. Users can highlight a single word, or an entire passage.

There is also a bookmark function to keep your place in any book for later reading by using the “go to” function.

Traveling straight to the area of choice by toggling the chapter and verse of said book accesses this function.

The app is set up with a reading plan for guided travel through the Bible.

Users are able to go through the New Testament in three months, or read the Bible cover to cover within a year.

There are different plans, journals and tours to choose from, as well as a function to search for more.

This is beneficial for customizing a Bible plan suitable for the user’s schedule and personal preferences.

There are themed plans such as discipleship, temptation, forgiveness and peace.

These plans can be freely installed into the Olive Tree app to set as a new reading plan.

The reading plans also include a deeper study into various books of the Bible which is great for students studying religious courses or for those looking to expand their knowledge of the Bible.

These include a 31-day study of Proverbs and 30 days on the book of Matthew.

Olive Tree allows an in-depth character study of biblical characters such as Esther, Ruth and Moses, all free with the download of the app.

With such an app as Olive Tree, there are a few flaws to be addressed, one of which is the translation issue.

Olive Tree is programed with two translations instantly available for use, the English Standard Version and the King James Version.

Additional versions are locked behind a paywall and cost extra to add to the user’s reading library.

This app’s shortcomings pale in comparison to the customization and study freedom Olive Tree gives to the user.

Olive Tree encompasses all of the knowledge of the Bible with the convenience of a cell phone.

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