Zombie Crawl unifies city with friendly frights

Downtown Riverside hosted its annual Riverside Zombie Crawl on Oct. 18. The event, which featured live performances and family entertainment, bled throughout the evening.

Riverside Zombie Crawl creative director Joshua Roa St. Pierre explained that the event was a fun and exciting challenge to set up.

St. Pierre, who graduated from a local high school in 2014, became creative director for the city just this year. He helped assemble the carnival-style games with titles including “Eye of the Socket” and “Fishin’ for Bloody Parts.”

Later in the evening, a costumed group split into two teams: the zombies and the survivalists. Among the competitors included a survivalist couple packing chainsaws.

Brian Bowie, event attendee and participant in the costume parade, explained his wife’s costume.

“She has a slightly distant uncle that has chainsaws and he was unopposed to her using them in this type of situation,” Bowie said. “I took the spark plug out of it, and the actual edge that cuts, but it definitely keeps the effect intact for this.”

Between the zombie crawling action, a costume contest that included zombie storm troopers, survivalist pirates and undead princesses occurred. The participants were split into three groups designated by age.

The younger costumes were especially detailed, with one competitor in the 5 to 11 age bracket attaching a fake brain to the outside of her helmet.

“I was a survivalist, but I kind of turned,” said Thomas, a Riverside resident who played a member of the zombies who was bitten and left behind by his crew.  “I used painted coffee grounds to get the blood effect.”

Throughout the duration of the show there was never a dull moment, especially when a man dressed in a banana suit armed with an iPad began to record the festivities. Among the survivalists and zombies competitors, no team was crowned the clear winner.

Matthew Dinah, sophomore global community science major, said he thought the event was a success. He says he would enjoy attending the event if it is put on next year.

“As a CBU student, I was looking for someplace local to fend off zombie hoards. I had a lot of fun,” Dinah said. “Now I’ll be able to represent the school during a zombie outbreak.”

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