Busdrivers dominate flag football league

For the last 11 years, women’s intramural football has been dominated by the Busdrivers, the dominant team that has won the annual Fortuna Bowl Flag Football Championship for five consecutive years.

The Busdrivers originated when two friends decided to form a flag football team. The famous name they chose for their new team–a name that now has the ability to intimidate competing teams–came as a joke between the two women, who said they would take the competition to school on the field by playing so well.

Ian Price, residence director for West Colony and currently one of two coaches for the team, said part of the reason the team was formed was not always to win, but to be a ministry opportunity for other female students on campus.

“It was meant to bring young women together who are not necessarily believers, and to create a family where they can encourage each other and be there for one another,” Price said.

Price also said that although winning games and championships is important for the Busdrivers, the relationships built between the women is more important.

Mikayla Lammons, senior liberal studies major, has been playing for the Busdrivers for four years and is now one of the team captains. Lammons said she learned many lessons from playing for the team. The biggest lesson she learned is the value of communication.

“Importance of communication and team spirit play a key role when we are on the field,” Lammons said.

The Busdrivers have also gained a good reputation among faculty and staff members. Chris Hofschroer, assistant dean of students in the Office of Community Life, hails the team as a powerhouse at CBU.

“The team has done a wonderful job by their yearly recruitment of new young players with this legacy idea that they are recruiting you for something bigger than yourself,” Hofschroer said.

Lammons said recruiting has played a large role in the success of the team on the field.

“Recruiting for the team is first and foremost based on good attitude because we like to stay humble on the field,” Lammons said.

Hofschroer said it is hard to see the team anywhere else but among the top two or three women’s teams on campus.

“They are the legitimate legacy,” Hofschroer said.

Price said the team has talent and is serious on the field.

“For the past five years, the team has been unbeatable,” Price said.

While an emphasis is placed on recruiting and a sense of community among the women, Lammons said the team would not be anywhere without the support of those around them.

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