Nursing student takes up graphic design, finds inspiration in music

Despite his choice to pursue nursing at California Baptist University, Eric Diamsay, junior nursing major, uses his talent as a graphic design artist to give back to the community and live his purpose.

Through the influence of his favorite bands and artists, he has exercised his love for graphic design and served those around him.

He was introduced to graphic design in his sophomore year while taking prerequisite courses to be accepted to the nursing program.

“When I found out I got accepted to the (nursing) program, I was super bummed for a little bit because I really wanted to do graphic design,” he said.

Nevertheless, this did not sway him from pursuing art. As a commuter, he realized that he could do something for the community outside campus, even something as small as handing out water bottles to the local homeless population.

What began with water bottles turned into something more. He started designing beanies himself, and for every person who purchased a beanie, he would give one to a homeless person.

The profit made was given to Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing clean water in developing countries.

“I only had about $100 to (make beanies), and then I started making T-shirts and doing more events,” he said. “After I got accepted (to the nursing program), I got to donate about $1,000.”

Getting accepted into the nursing program meant that his time was limited, though, and eventually he was forced to take a break from graphic design until this summer, when he found Glad Rags Ink, a screen-printing company.

“They knew I designed because I was a customer,” Diamsay said. “They have connections with bands, and they said, ‘If you ever want to try designing, just send us your stuff.’ I wasn’t going to expect anything, but then I sent them one of my designs, and they loved it. It got to be printed for Vans Warped Tour last minute, and that design got to be all over America. I was speechless. That’s definitely one of (my) biggest accomplishments.”

Diamsay was offered a full-time job as a graphic designer through Glad Rags Ink but was unable to take it because of his studies.

“I still feel like I’m trying to figure out what God wants me to do and how he wants me to live out my purpose,” he said. “If I can do nursing and then go to graphic design, that would be the plan right there.”

Through Vans Warped Tour, Diamsay has designed for some of the bands he listens to, and they are the main inspiration for his work.

“I’ve seen a lot of the work he’s done for bands,” said Caleb Meyer, senior mathematics major and a friend of Diamsay. “When he incorporates lyrics, the letters and words naturally flow with the rest of the design. The font and style really help convey (the) message.”

Diamsay continues to design in his free time while pursuing his nursing studies.

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