AeroLife offers students new energy alternative

Created by Harvard professor Dr. David Edwards, AeroLife products offer a new and unique way for college students to get the energy they need to fuel late-night study sessions, gym workouts or long days sitting in class.

The AeroLife system promotes the new idea of inhalable nutrients. This means their products are supposed to deliver vitamins into the body faster, giving an immediate effect with no sugar or calories added.

The lipstick-sized containers house powdered blends of vitamins and supplements that presumably energize within minutes of consumption.

Each AeroLife Energy pod contains 20 milligrams of the vitamin B3, 2 milligrams of the vitamin B6, 6 micrograms of the vitamin B12 and 100 milligrams of caffeine.

The instructions for use are fairly basic: pull open the tube, place the gray portion into your mouth, gently inhale powder and close the tube.

I struggled at first with how to use the product and even tweeted about how the instructions perplexed me.

AeroLife was quick to respond with a link to a how-to video that helped clarify the right way to use the product.

The “inhaling” portion was shocking at first, and it took a couple of tries to adapt to the whole concept, but I found the effect to be more immediate in comparison to other methods.

Flavors differ depending on the line, but AeroLife Energy comes in raspberry, watermelon and mint.

The raspberry flavor was sweetat first, but the aftertaste was unpleasant.

Drinking water after using the product helped to get rid of any unusual aftertaste, and I got accustomed to the flavor after multiple uses. Figuring out the correct dosage varies based on personal preference.

A small dosage was enough to energize me for at least a few hours without feeling any side effects or symptoms of caffeine withdrawal.

The AeroLife product line includes items aimed toward energy, sleep, immunity, sport and even coffee replacements.

Free trials of AeroLife Energy in either the watermelon or raspberry flavors are available via the AeroLife website for a limited time.

There is a small fee for shipping and handling, but the product arrives in fewer than five days.

Calling the AeroLife product line a nutrition system might be premature, since the products are replacements for things like energy drinks and sleep aids instead of multivitamins and supplements.

Nonetheless, the idea behind the product is perfect for college students on the go, and I discovered that the product did work for me.

I will most likely opt for AeroLife in the future to get the energy I need to get through any long day.

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