Capitalize on post-grad job opportunities

One of the best times of college is the fall of your senior year. You are looking onto the horizon of May. It is as though your degree is the key unlocking the next level to your life.

For seniors, this is a magical time of maybes. You dream big. You assess how you will actually use your major. Once May comes, the world is a place you get to rediscover.

Sounds peachy.

But this fearlessness, this wide-eyed onlooking to the future usage of our degrees does not last.

The bills do not pay themselves. Notices about loans pop up, and then we are no longer looking onto the future with the possibilities of teaching overseas, we look at the reality of the money we do not have.

So, where will that leave us on May 3, or August, a year from now? Stagnant. Fearful. Anxious.

We will lose ourselves to the fear of not having money.

We will lose our passions to the anxiety of not having the perfect job with benefits.

We will lose our drive to the comfort of working a 9-to-5 in a field we don’t even care about.

Is this just life, just something we will have to “grow up” about?

I don’t think so. It is something we can’t afford to be ignorant about.

For the single college seniors, this is the time to seek how you can practically facilitate the passions you dream of.

If you have the dream of being a worship leader for Hillsong or Jesus Culture, call their manager. If you have a way to live somewhere for free with a job, but on the other side of the country, go do it for a year.

If you have a spouse to help support or children to care for, you won’t be able to run off to a different opportunity.

Pre-marriage is your last time to be selfish with opportunities. Be prepared to seek the possibilities you are passionate about.

Post-May is the time to take a risk outside your comfort zone. But, the emphasis must remain: Be wise.

Assess your financial standing, but do not let the “love of money” prevent you from seizing an opportunity.

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