Makeup, natural remedies help create ‘fresh’ look

For tired-looking college students, the impression of a good night’s sleep can be created with makeup and common items found around the house.

Although some students prefer to use makeup staples such as foundation and concealer, others opt for natural, easy remedies.

One of the biggest indicators of lack of sleep is a dark tint under the eyes.

“I use concealer because it hides my dark, tired circles and then BB cream on my face to even out my skin tone,” said Hannah Stadnick, sophomore vocal performance major.

A good concealer is frequently used to hide dark circles under  eyes.

Loren Hershock, sophomore nursing major, suggested using lighter tones of concealer when buying specifically for dark circles under the eyes.

“I have super-dark circles, so I wear a liquid foundation and then use powder cover-up,” Hershock said.

Lindsay Spitzer, sophomore nursing major, adds a touch of blush along with concealer to bring the color back to her cheeks, though she stresses the importance of keeping makeup minimal.

“I just try to make my face look as natural as possible,” Spitzer said. “I don’t want to make it look like a crayon exploded on my face.”

For students who do not use makeup or want to go completely natural, Hershock suggested using natural remedies.

Tannic acid in chilled green tea has a tightening effect on the skin around eyes; the caffeine and cold from the tea constrict blood vessels that cause dark circles. Together, they work well to make eyes appear less tired.

“Makeup should enhance your natural beauty and help you present yourself in a better way. It is not to cover up any flaws or imperfections no matter what the situation,” Spitzer said.

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