Campus festival brings cultures alive

Great smells, fantastic taste and exotic music characterized the Nov. 19 Foreign Food Affair held by the  International Center at California Baptist University.

Foreign Food Affair took place as part of International Celebration Week.

In addition to Foreign Food Affair, the week consisted of a karaoke night, film festival, world sports events and the Global Jubilee.

“The Foreign Food Affair aims at providing an opportunity for students on campus to experience different cultures by tasting what other cultures normally eat,” said Kyle Roche, International Center graduate assistant.

The cultural experience gave students  a chance to try a variety of different foods from around the world.

“Chicken biryani and naan from South Asia, yellow curry from Thailand, chicken tikka masala from India and carne asada from Mexico were shared in Foreign Food Affair,” said Bryan Davis, International Center director.

Brishta Vora, international student from India and senior engineering major, said food from her country makes her feel like she is at home.

“(Naan) has become the most popular type of food in most of the restaurants in South Asia,” Vora said. “Typically, naan is served hot and brushed with butter.”

Food reflects a culture.

“It is a fantastic night spending time with friends and sharing those special foods,” said Tengmin Zhang, a master of science in business administration and international student from China. “I have never tried Indian food and never imagined it could taste so good. … I really hope I could make these (different) foods together with other students.”

International Celebration Week goes beyond just giving students the opportunity to learn about other cultures from a different perspective, but it  has become an event to enjoy time with friends.

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